Questions, and tonight’s rehearsal

Some questions came up after my last post. Do I feel more tired at the end of the day if I am concentrating on listening with my new (right) side? The answer is yes, I do feel a little more “worn” than usual… nothing major, but it does get a little tiring after a while. I find that if it starts to bother me at all, or if I want a break, then I just turn the hearing aid off for a little while, and then try again. Am I concertrating on what I’m hearing on my right side for practice? Not really most of the time, however I am purposely not repositioning myself as I would normally, because I’m trying to get used to not having to reposition myself. Over time, I think that I will stop repositioning myself, as I will no longer have to, and I won’t have to concentrate so hard on hearing on that side.

Also today I had another fiddle rehearsal, and I tried keeping my BP100 turned on, but at lower volume than normal. I still got the feedback, but since it was quieter, I could still hear fine over top of it. While I was playing, I found that I could hear everyone else a bit better than usual, because usually my compact is right next to my fiddle, so that my fiddle (for me) more or less drowns out everyone else’s. I noticed that I could hear everyone else even better if the volume on the BP100 was turned up more, but then again, I get louder feedback.


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