Audio Cable!

A couple days ago I received an audio cable we had ordered a couple days before that.  I find that it works quite well, although if it gets turned too loud and then back down again, I still get whistling/feedback as usual.  However, it is definately an improvement from headphones if I need to listen to something, as I do not have to hold it by my ear.  I found that the sound quality is pretty much the same as when I am listening from a stereo or speaker of some kind, which is really good.


One Response to “Audio Cable!”

  1. Hi BAHA_Dude… just wanted to let you know we are keeping up with your blog -not as often as we’d like but periodically. Glad to hear you’re making good progress.

    Also say hi to your mom and dad and hope all your family is doing well.
    Bev & Bill

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