Hello Again!

Yes, I know that I haven’t made any posts recently, but to tell the truth there hasn’t been anything to talk about.  Unitll now, I mean.  Recently I sent my new BP100 in for a software update, one that was supposedly going to fix the feedback problems.  I got it back, and the update definately helps, but is still not perfect.  For things like the stove timer (the beeping triggers the feedback), the feedback starts like usual, but stops about a second after the sound stops.  Before, it used to squeal for up to 15 seconds afterwards.  Now it stops after a second or two.  With my violin, the same thing happens.  While I’m playing, there is feedback the whole time, so that part hasn’t improved much.  However, when I stop, the feedback stops fairly quickly.

The new update definately is a step in the right direction, but it’s not quite there yet.

I will update the blog when something else interesting happens!



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