Reprogramming Tomorrow

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Constantly changing the BP100 setting, and turning it on and off because of music, loud noises, and background noise is getting a little tedious.  Hopefully this will be fixed tomorrow, though, because I am going to visit an audiologist that has the software to reprogram it.  I am going to bring my violin, and we are going to try and figure out how to make it work.  I really hope that it will help, at the very least, so that I can actually keep it on while playing violin.


Audiologist Appt.

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Yesterday I had an audiologist appointment, and we tried localizing, and using the background noise mode on the BP100.  When we tried localizing, I was doing a little bit better than when I only used my compact, but I was still not great at it, by any means.  It was also quite a bit harder to localize in a soundproof room than in normal situations.

One thing I realized yesterday:  the background noise mode on the BP100 helps a whole bunch!!!  I was tested how well I can hear wearing both BAHA’s with background noise (just white noise), and then compared it to the same situation with the BP100 on the directional mike, and it was significantly better than without.

This was interesting, because before the test I didn’t really notice the background program helping that much at school, or other places like that. Now, however, I am noticing more and more that it really helps cut down the noise behind me.

BP100 and Cell Phone

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I am definitely getting to the BP100 – slowly but surely. It doesn’t seem “really loud” so much any more, although I am wearing it at a lower volume setting. I noticed that when used the cell phone today, I was having trouble hearing, and at first I thought it was only because I was in a crowd of people talking.  After, though, I realized that it was a lot harder to hear because the crowd in the background was twice as loud as normal, but the phone wasn’t any louder than it was when I wore only my compact.  I think now I know why some people plug  their ear (the one that is not right next to the phone) when they are talking on the phone.  : )

In the future, I might make a habit of turning off my right side while listening to the phone on my left side.  (at least when there’s background noise)


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At school on Thursday, the BP100 started to give me a little bit of a headache… I’m not exactly sure why, but I guess that the sounds were a little loud. I took a break for an hour or so, and then tried it again, and it was better. Sometimes I will put the hearing aid on, and while I am putting that little bit of pressure on it, I got sort of a dull pain, almost like a headache, but only for about one second, and then it was gone. I’m not really sure why it does that, but it might just be because that side is not used to having a hearing aid on it all of the time.

This weekend I had a fiddle concert, but I couldn’t wear the BP100, because once again, I get feedback every time I stop playing.

Questions, and tonight’s rehearsal

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Some questions came up after my last post. Do I feel more tired at the end of the day if I am concentrating on listening with my new (right) side? The answer is yes, I do feel a little more “worn” than usual… nothing major, but it does get a little tiring after a while. I find that if it starts to bother me at all, or if I want a break, then I just turn the hearing aid off for a little while, and then try again. Am I concertrating on what I’m hearing on my right side for practice? Not really most of the time, however I am purposely not repositioning myself as I would normally, because I’m trying to get used to not having to reposition myself. Over time, I think that I will stop repositioning myself, as I will no longer have to, and I won’t have to concentrate so hard on hearing on that side.

Also today I had another fiddle rehearsal, and I tried keeping my BP100 turned on, but at lower volume than normal. I still got the feedback, but since it was quieter, I could still hear fine over top of it. While I was playing, I found that I could hear everyone else a bit better than usual, because usually my compact is right next to my fiddle, so that my fiddle (for me) more or less drowns out everyone else’s. I noticed that I could hear everyone else even better if the volume on the BP100 was turned up more, but then again, I get louder feedback.

BP100 at school

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Today I wore the BP100 to school. I found that all of the sounds seemed louder than normal… although that was probably because I was wearing two hearing aids instead of one. I also noticed that the announcements, and the stove timer both caused feedback, just like my fiddle. This could be because I had the volume too high, but it was at the preset level, so I’m not sure.
I noticed that when somebody is talking to me on my right side, I find that I have to concentrate to distinguish what they are saying, especially when there is background noise. I think that this is just because I’m not used to hearing on that side. Normally when someone talks to me on my right side I automatically move over to the other side of the person, or turn my head, so that my left side is facing them. Today I didn’t need to do that, but, like I said already, I still had to concentrate harder than normal.

BP100 with ensemble

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Today I tried wearing my BP100 with my fiddle ensemble, and with similar results to yesterday.  After we stop playing, every time there is some feedback for a couple seconds, at least.  I didn’t notice any more popping, but that might just be because the ensemble drowns it out.  The sound wasn’t bad, though.